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Team Netsol

We focus on improving lives by building comprehensive software solutions that transform service delivery.

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Who we are

With a twenty-year heritage of innovation, we are market leader in online Benefits Claims, Changes and Revenues Forms. We strive to help councils run efficiently and ultimately deliver better service.

We have seen increased pressures on council staff and services this year. Our newly launched products have been developed in collaboration with a steering group of Local Authorities to ensure our products add value and drive efficiency where it is most needed.

BECS HBAA (Housing Benefit Awards Accuracy) - Gather all of the information that you need to administer a Full Case Review
Assurance of accurate data and optimum customer contact - claimant data is validated at the point of entry and only complete entries can be submitted, which reduces customer contact points and ensures high data quality.

Maximise assessor time and the number of claims processed - the systems integrated evidence upload ensures a secure and seamless collection of claimant details and required proofs. This can be during the claim itself or later if further evidences are requested by the authority. Evidences are passed straight into DMS workflow via our built in direct integration.

BECS Revenues Go - Improve customer data collection for Council Tax and Business Rates
We can integrate front end services with back-end systems to maximize efficiency. Transform your revenues services with this easy to use and quick to setup online form software package.

CONNECT CTR - Create a simple, easy to comprehend CTR policy document
Ensure your Council Tax Reduction Scheme is not only a practical tool that can support staff, elected members and customers, but is robust enough to protect you from legal challenges.

Data integrity and security is a core value in how we operate. Our intelligent systems are built to last and to make your life easier (integrating with back end services, reducing paper and errors) as well improving the lives of people who need help most.

Talk to us about how we can help you to deliver better service.

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Meet our team.

Team Netsol team members information

Nick Turner

Sales Manager Nick has worked in the public sector for over 25 years, delivering solutions and services to local government. This wealth of product experience ensures the best possible advice can be given to clients, and a quality service provided.

Malcolm Gardner

VP of Sales & Marketing Malcolm has a long career in Revenues and Benefits, Counter-Fraud, ICT, customer contact and support. He is the innovator of many systems and processes that are now industry standard such as channel shift, data analytics and performance management.

Jake Elliott

Product Manager Jake is a Product Manager with over 20 years experience helping councils deliver products and services that actually help. He combines a strong technical background with great communication skills, in order to deliver solutions to complex problems.

Damian Lewis

Chief Technical Officer Damian has 35 years of commercial experience, 26 years at Board level and was the Technical Authority for Scotland’s Census. He is a communicator and motivator who understands how to apply the right solutions to current and future business needs.

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